July 2, 2008

Summer means Sno-cones!

Myfriendconnie, who blogs over at Smokity Frocks, invited us to share our favorite sno-cone flavor in hopes of winning a good summer read from her stash...so here goes!

I love our local sno-cone stand...it is owned by the wife of one of the members of our local fire department. Since Scott's an officer there, we know the family pretty well. In fact, the stand sits in the parking lot of a shopping plaza in town that is owned and managed by another member of the department. I do love small town living! I only hope that in the not so distant future I too will be able to contribute to my community in a meaningful way.

Ah but enough musing...on to my favorite flavor... it's called Fire & Ice and it's a mix of cinnamon and spearamint...yum yum! I love the marshmallow topping too! I never knew this, but adding the marshmallow topping might be a regional thing...I had some friends in college that were totally grossed out by the idea...I can't imagine! The more marshmallow the better, if you ask me! The trick is to pace yourself so there's enough marshmallow for the last bite.