September 29, 2008

This made my day!

I stopped by the post office to get stamps and they had these! They put an instant smile on my face!

Last Long Run

On Saturday, I did my last long run around BWI Airport (10.6 miles) before the Baltimore 1/2 Marathon. It was the longest distance I have ever run and a real learning experience more than anything. I am prone to low blood sugar so the longer distance gave me an opportunity to practice eating while running. Eating was not something I ever thought I would need to "practice"!!! The running gels were totally gross, but the upshot was I didn't pass out. I guess these are the trade-offs we runners must make. I got to run some nice hills too. Where I normally run is very flat and not representative of the actual course, so the hills did me some good. I ran for just under 2 hours straight, with only three brief stops to to figure out where we were, one for a friend to answer her everloving cell phone, and one because I inhaled rather than drank my water (not recommended BTW). Overall, I feel much more confident about my ability to actually complete the 1/2 in my annoyingly consistent 10 minute mile pace. The next two weeks will be spent recovering my aching legs by x-training for the next few days, then back to running about 3 miles per day.

September 16, 2008

Run, Mommy, Run!

I am all registered to run the Baltimore 1/2 Marathon, so being that there is less than one month(!!!) till the race, I decided that I should actually enter an organized running event to see what they are like. This past Saturday, I ran a 5K to support St. Michael's youth group summer work camp projects.

There were about 70 runners...a very small town event. It was less intimidating that way, so I was happy. As it turns out, the fewer runners there are, the more likely it is that you might win. I got a medal for being 2nd in my age category! Sara also participated in the kids fun run. She was so so cute! The run was 1/2 mile around a field and the church. She was most interested in the cows that were mooing at us as we ran-walked-skipped past. (I did mention small town event right?!) The best part of the whole day was when another little girl who ran the fun run came and met Sara about 100 yards from the finish line and took her hand and ran with her till the end. So sweet and such a great display of sportsmanship!

September 15, 2008

Help for the Working Wounded

That's me...the working wounded. I have just learned that the part-time schedule that I have enjoyed since returning to work after maternity leave will not be approved to continue beyond the end of this month. There are many reasons for this, all logical on the part of my employer, and none having to do with my actual work performance, so there's nothing really worth discussing further here. It is what it is, and while it doesn't make me happy, I do understand. I have spent alot of time grieving over this, but it's not helping me come to terms, nor is it going to change the situation. So as of now, I must decide to look at this for what it is; a God-given opportunity. Did you read that?...God-given....opportunity. In my mind it seems so contradictory to the situation, but in my heart I know that it is true. My career is a perfect example of the work of God in my life. I am actually doing the work I went to college rare is that?! I am affording a single family house for my family...a fullfillment of a childhood dream. I actually like what I do at work, but more importantly, I like the people I work with and for. I can afford my bills...and even the rising gas prices! God has blessed me with a great job!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be home with my children for the extra time that my part-time schedule allowed. As I return to my full time schedule in October, I see this as an opportunity to continue to thank God. I thank God for my husband who is the primary caregiver during the week. He gives me the security I need to leave home and go to work without spending all day stressing over the wellfare of my kids. He is a loving, devoted, protective father. I thank God for my mother-in-law who will be caring for the girls one day a week. She adores Sara and Rachael and it is such a gift for them to spend so much time with their grandparents. I thank God for the extra income that will come with full time status. Although not needed to meet our regular expenses, I am praying we will find a purpose for it that seeks to advance the needs of others over ourselves.

Please pray that as October approaches I will adapt well to this change and become content in the fact that I am doing work that is pleasing to God.

September 5, 2008

Motorcycle Mom learns a lesson

Between each of my children, I have made it a point to accomplish a life goal. Think "bucket list" but without the morbid connotation. After I had Sara, in typical Stanley style, a whole group of us took a motorcycle course. BIL Pat, SIL Kate, SIL Julie and I made up half of the class! I am proud, if not a little scared, to tell you that I got my motorcycle license while having only actually driven a motorcycle for less than 20 miles. Around a parking lot. Never exceeding 20 mph. Are you worried yet?! I can say with relative confidence that I do not have any intention of ever riding a motorcycle again. (You can start breathing now...)

The experience of completing the class was the end goal for me. I did something that scared me to death and I didn't quit. It is a few and far between opportunity to do something like that in one's adult life. Without anyone there to force you into a challenging situation except for yourself it's all too easy to wimp out. But as a parent, in the coming years I will be encouraging my children to do just that...grow and learn and try new things. Taking the motorcycle class was a great way to remind myself of the feelings that go along with that...fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry. May I strive every day to encourage my children with a compassion for these emotions as they are meeting life's challenges.