September 5, 2008

Motorcycle Mom learns a lesson

Between each of my children, I have made it a point to accomplish a life goal. Think "bucket list" but without the morbid connotation. After I had Sara, in typical Stanley style, a whole group of us took a motorcycle course. BIL Pat, SIL Kate, SIL Julie and I made up half of the class! I am proud, if not a little scared, to tell you that I got my motorcycle license while having only actually driven a motorcycle for less than 20 miles. Around a parking lot. Never exceeding 20 mph. Are you worried yet?! I can say with relative confidence that I do not have any intention of ever riding a motorcycle again. (You can start breathing now...)

The experience of completing the class was the end goal for me. I did something that scared me to death and I didn't quit. It is a few and far between opportunity to do something like that in one's adult life. Without anyone there to force you into a challenging situation except for yourself it's all too easy to wimp out. But as a parent, in the coming years I will be encouraging my children to do just that...grow and learn and try new things. Taking the motorcycle class was a great way to remind myself of the feelings that go along with that...fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry. May I strive every day to encourage my children with a compassion for these emotions as they are meeting life's challenges.

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