October 10, 2008

Only one more day...

So tomorrow is the big day...the 1/2 Marathon. I have run about 10 miles per week for the past 4 months with several longer runs in there too. (I choose to not think about those!) I did a local 5K just to see what organized running is all about. I feel physically prepared.

Yesterday I picked up my race packet...it reminded me of my experience at the one and only bridal show I could stomach. You think for a minute that you are about to do something that makes you unique, then you enter this twilight zone where everyone is doing the exact same thing you are, and for that matter probably about to do it even better than you ever could. I find it humbling to say the least.

To get myself in the spirit today I am wearing my race shirt to work...good thing it's Friday! I have my "13.1" sticker posted on my computer monitor and the map of the course posted right above my phone. I am looking forward to a day full of eating so I can have lots of energy...who doesn't love that?!

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Debbie said...

Hi. I stopped by since you were kind enough to comment on my blog. Why are so many bloggers runners? It amazes me. Or maybe more people are just physical fit and I didn't know it. So, how was the 1/2 marathon?