October 8, 2010

Approaching my 2 year anniversary of NOT posting!

Shocking, I know! Well, not really.

I read an article called How I Do It All...Secrets for a Perfect Wife and Mother and the concept really resonated with me...for everything we do, there are things we don't do. Here's my list to add to theirs...

I do keep the family's schedule...I don't keep my husband in the loop as much as he deserves to be.
I do pack my daughter's lunch every day...I don't ever pack my own.
I do like to fold laundry...I don't like to put it away.
I do work full time...I don't get to volunteer at school.
I do have my children involved in several activities...I don't have any activities of my own right now.

Do you have any to add to the list?


Kate said...

when I saw your post pop up on my reader, well, "I 'bout FELL OUT!"

Really? You're writing again? yay! :)

See, the problem with this list for me is that the I do NOTs would be too long. But you knew that already.

Maria said...

Love this!!