June 23, 2008

Garden Update

Spring is my most favorite season. I love the break from the long cold winter. I love how everything slowly comes back to life. I love the vibrant colors of Spring found in new leaves, flower blooms, and growing grass. Recently, alternating bouts of heavy rain with warm sunny days have really made everything in my garden just explode! The incredible rate in which everything seems to be growing has really caught Sara's attention. She often asks to go watch the garden grow. The past few weeks almost makes it seem like you could see the plants actually growing if you stood there for a minute! Sara is learning that plants need sun and rain in order to grow. I tell her this is just like her needing food and rest to grow. We checked out a book from the library called Inch by Inch that is a sing-song rhyme about growing a garden. She can practically sing the whole thing by herself. We sing it together when we are working in the garden or flower beds.

Here's how my garden looks now...please don't mind the decking materials, etc, in the background...that may be a topic for another post. Remember that my garden is only 4ft by 8ft and that I loosely plant according to the Square Foot Gardening method. According to this method, I really could have fit a lot more plants into my garden...I just ran out of ideas and the stores' supply dwindled as I decided I really could fit some more.

Here's an inventory of what I planted this year...
1 yellow squash
1 zucchini
1 bush cucumber
2 bush beans
2 yellow bell pepper
2 red pepper
4 green pepper
3 cherry tomato
6 regular tomato
5 okra (1 of one kind and 4 of another)

Oh, and GREAT news! My sister-in-law has caught the gardening bug too! I am looking forward to her success!

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