June 19, 2008

Give Her Time

Yesterday, my sister-in-law and I were chatting and she asked me what I would do with a time all to myself. My first thought was that my husband had put her up to it so she could report back and he could surprise me with a great day out. While that would be nice, that wasn't at all her motivation for the question...at least I don't think so. She really, truly wanted to know. What would I do with time all to myself?

A great question from a Mom to another Mom. I admit it...I sometimes feel desperate for time alone. Sometimes I feel exhausted, emotionally spent, and behind on almost everything in my house. (The being behind part is more than a feeling...it's REALITY!) But even as I daydream about how nice it would be to have Scott send me out of the house with instructions not to return till after nap times, I am struck with a sense of loneliness. I simply adore the company of my children. They are sweet and energetic, funny and inquisitive. They make sure my full attention is on them...exactly where it should be.

But lets face it, there are things that are easier done sans 2 year old and 8 month old. Should the opportunity ever arise for a several hour period without children and I enter a bumbling state of deliriousness in my driveway at the endless possibilities, I have made myself a list of possible ways to spend my time...
take a quilting class (I actually checked into this one but it will have to wait till fall)
browse the library (My current strategy is to request books online and pick them up right as we are breezing through to check out the last unchewed cardboard book in the county!)
try on clothes (Though I have to admit...watching Sara try on my-sized bathing suits with me the last time I attempted clothes shopping with kids was awfully cute!)
clean my house with no one else there (Would this even make a difference? I'm willing to think it might!)
grocery shop (No more super duper school bus cart for me...it's the four wheeled cart or BUST!)

How do you spend your time away from your children?

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