June 9, 2008

May SHARE Package

I have talked in posts before about the SHARE Food Network so I wanted to share with you what came in the SHARE package for the month of May. Yes, I know that was soooo last month, but better late than never, right?! The first pic is the regular package, and the second was their monthly special. The food in each of the pictures costed $18.00 a piece, for a total of $38 for all the food pictured.

The distribution site is a church about 25 minutes from my house. A very nice gentleman always meets me at the door of my car to help me shuttle the girls inside and then helps me carry the food/kids back out to my car. Cheap food and great service...you can't beat that! Well...maybe cheap food, great service, and a more timely post about the whole experience might be better :) I will work on that for next month, as well as I am hoping to begin a series on how I incorporate the food I get through the SHARE program into our menus throughout the month.

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