May 2, 2008

Garden Planning

My garden is a 4 foot by 8 foot raised bed. Small as it may be, I have had great success from it in the past. I loosely subscribe to the "Square Foot Gardening" concept, though I never quite come up with enough things to actually fill every single square my garden that would be 32 things at once! And some things can be planted even closer together (i.e. several plants per sq.ft.) so the number of plants could only go up from there. Anybody else out there trying this method? I would love to hear how you plan and use your space!

This year, I am excited to try some new veggies that I have never grown before. Today I picked up okra, yellow pepper, bush cucumber, and zucchini. I also have five regular tomato plants and two cherry tomato plants...I have done these ones for the past several years and they do great! The biggest challenge is taming the tomato plants so they don't crowd out the others. I need to design some trellising or caging that will keep the tomato beasts under control!

I also picked up some seeds for beans and peas. I have no idea where I will plant these, as they are viney and tend to go all over the place if not given an appropriate climbing structure. Hmm, did I mention I have about a 15% success rate with starting seeds? Open toilet. Flush $3. ...but a girl can pretend hope , right?...

The forecast for this weekend is looking promising...Sweet Sara, get those toddler hands ready...we're gonna dig!

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