May 14, 2008

They won't go to kindergarten diapers...will they?!!

Santa brought Sara her very own potty for Christmas and there it sat...unused and lonely for months and months. We even put it away for a while because we were tired of tripping over it whenever we were in the bathroom. I didn't push the issue at all. My goal in life is to control the frequency and severity of the crying happening in my house, so packing up the unused potty seemed tantrum-inducing pressure on Sara and no whining from Scott as he kicks the blasted potty for the um-teenth time. While I was cleaning out a linen closet last week, Sara spotted the potty and out it came...without any parent-induced fanfare. There was no explanation of how it worked or what it was for. It just appeared in the bathroom again. Several times that day she wanted to sit on the potty, but nothing happened. I got all anxious because I certainly don't know how to potty train a child...good grief...she's 35 pounds and still wearing diapers...there's only Depends from here on out, folks. (But Pampers now makes a Size 7...thank you, Kate, for that great bit of trivia.) In something that could be described as a panic, I requested probably every toilet training manual, children's book and video that the public library carries. I picked a few up from the library over this past weekend, and before I had even made it through chapter 3 of Potty Training for Dummies, my little girl is calling me...from the potty...the potty containing product! Sara was giggling and laughing. Bladder control is apparently very funny to the 2 year old mind. All day yesterday we were diaper free except for nap time and bedtime. Today's looking like another big success! My baby girl is growing up and leaving her Momma in a delirious state of diaper-free amazement...

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