May 23, 2008

Getting caught up, in two minutes or less

So it's been entirely too long since I have posted last...I had all intentions of doing a Menu Plan this week and show pictures of the SHARE package I picked up on Saturday. However, that effort was upstaged by a great trip to Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore. Ever been? We love it so much, we actually splurged for the year-long membership. I like to go about once a month to make sure we are getting our $$ worth! I would love to share some pictures so you can get a sense of what it's's so cool!!! (Did I mention that already?!) It's great for kids from baby on up...even Rachael enjoyed herself in the room designed especially for babies and toddlers.

Speaking of Rachael, she turned 8 months old this past week, and I really wanted to post about that too. She's now crawling pretty well, and her new favorite thing is to wave. She waves at absolutely everything! She is still as vocal as ever, and I believe she and Bella had their first fight over a toy. All Kate and I could do was laugh at them as they were shrieking and casting the evil eye at each other. In the end, it turned out neither really wanted the toy and they went their separate ways to go drool on something else.

Sara is making progress in the potty training world. We checked out this video called "Potty Power" from the library...what a riot! I highly suggest Mom and Dad preview the video don't want your uncontrolled laughter to in any way distract said 2 year old from the great message of getting Potty Power! But I do have a it really considered being potty trained if said 2 year old is sitting on the potty and yet still manages to pee all over the floor...nearly every time?! Maybe so much bathroom cleaning is the reason I haven't gotten around to posting! Now the new lesson is "Potty Posture" aka how to sit so the pee actually goes into the potty...she keeps correcting me..."No, Mommy...not Potty have Potty POWER!" Apparently the lesson is lost on her.

So hopefully over the long holiday weekend I will have a chance to post some pictures and write something insightful as opposed to this general rambling. Keeping fingers crossed, but definitely not holding my breath...


Alexis said...

oooo - we'll probably get a membership to the port-place too - it sounds just like our sort of deal!
Congrats on the new member of your family (the planner, duh.).

Christine said...

The memberships to port discovery's are great, because there are so many in the country. We've been to so many museum's on Charlottesville's rinky dinky discovery museum, and it's well worth the money.

Also Clare used to do the same thing on the potty and it would drive me crazy. Good luck! I can only stand so much urine clean up a day, and then I lose it.